Wipe 'Em Out

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  • Homesteads claimed must be at least 5

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"Well I'll be. Ye've outdone yerself this time. I weren't thinkin' ye'd follow me t' my Ranch so soon. Well, this is a bit embarrassin' that YOU of all Law Dawgs have hunted ME down like this. Well then Huckleberry, let's do this!"

Bounty completion

"Dang-blamnet! I been done brought in by the likes o' you!"

Bounty failure

"Sheeoot! Ya done gaven me a scare there. I was feelin' a bit like a feller in an outhouse with a tornado a' comin'. But ya were nothin' but a puny puff o' wind."

Strategies and Guides

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by WiseFox (From WiseFox Compilation on B!H Forums)

  • Hustle your stormcaller, poison the enemy cavalry and bear-trap him (by anticipating his movement)
  • The general idea is to capture the two steads on the left side, walk back, and capture the two steads on the right side.
  • Sending the thunderbird and one buffalo to the right side should take care of both the cavalry and any steads he would manage to capture before you take him out.
  • You don't have a lot of spare time: even if your hustled storm caller does nothing else than going around capturing steads, you'll barely have any ticks left when he captures the 5th.
  • Try to wound the gunslingers rather than killing them, unless they're attacking a stead. Apart from the storm caller, your units are expendable, your steads are not (timing-wise).
  • Keeping the gunslingers at bay is probably the trickiest balancing act of the mission. Kill them too quickly, and they might swarm a stead on respawn and take it out. Block the middle passage too quickly, and they will go around the sides, getting in the way of your storm caller or attacking freshly captured steads. Try to play AI-yoyo: let the gunslingers come through the middle and, as soon as the first one emerges at the bottom, box them in with your units; when the gunslingers walk back up, get your units out of the way luring the gunslingers back down; rinse and repeat. The AI-yoyo only works as long as you have not captured the stead on the left side. Once you have captured it, the AI will perceive that stead as the closest in range and will attack it. So, when your storm caller is getting close to capturing that stead, converge your middle units to the left side.


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