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Warpath is one of the four gameplay scenarios available in Indian Trading Post. The objective of this scenario is to achieve as high a "level" as possible for a player's big shot by killing enemy units. As the principle objective in Warpath necessitates combat, damage points have a substantially larger role than in other scenarios, as do bonus points.

Leveling Big Shots

A player receives 50 points for every level their big shot attains. Big shots gain levels when they, or other units on their team, kill enemy units, though the number of units that must be destroyed increases as a big shot increases in level. Additionally, while all kills can contribute to big shot levels, kills made by the big shot themselves count more than do those made by other units. Every level that a big shot attains provides a three point boost to its offensive and defensive prowess, and certain levels provide an additional boost in the form of a permanent bonus. Bonuses appear at levels as follows.

Level Bonus
4 Ramblin'
5 Spirit Walk
6 Hustle
7 Eagle Eye
8 Ramblin'
12 Ramblin'

Note that big shots in Warpath can possess more than one of a type of influence, in which case the effects are cumulative. Big shot levels can be lost, along with their respective bonuses, if a big shot is killed. At the moment, a player is unable to progress past a big shot level of 14.


In Warpath, units respawn at a different rate than other scenarios. When a player's big shot is killed, it will respawn immediately when the following tick has begun, and a bonus will spawn somewhere on the board. A player's normal units respawn on the squares adjacent to its big shot, and respawn more quickly than usual. However, a player's normal units will begin to take longer to respawn as the level of their big shot increases.


There are multiple strategies you can use to win in Warpath. Most of the strategies involve playing cards. One is to keep the opposing big shot from being able to attack. You can do this by playing a peace pipe card on the other big shot. As long as you do not attack the big shot, he cannot gain levels until the peace pipe wears off. This strategy comes with the risk of not being able to kill your opponents big shot however. One powerful strategy can be used with the Storm Caller. If you have a Storm Caller, one heavy hitting strategy would be to play a Lucky Horseshoe or a Hollow Point card on him, so when you attack, you can do either 30% more damage on each unit he hits (with the Hollow Point), or have a 50% chance to hit with double damage (Lucky Horseshoe). This strategy also works with any other big shot, but the most effective way is to use the Storm Caller. Another strategy to get a free kill when your opponent's big shot level is high is to place a weak unit directly in its path and placing a Misfire on the close big shot. If the misfire does not kill the big shot immediately, you can move in and attack with the weak unit. This is another advantage for the Storm Caller, for he does not use a gun and therefore cannot be affected by a Misfire. As mentioned in the tutorial for Warpath, a good way to get an easy kill is by using your regular units to weaken a unit, and then using your big shot to finish it off.

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