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Wanted poster of player Magnificent Pow on 02.20.21

A wanted poster is a readout of a player's information, arranged in the fashion of a real-life wanted poster. It includes its subject's name, gang affiliation (if any), scenario rankings, avatar, up to four badges, and a personal saying.

Posters can be viewed through clicking on a player's portrait in a chat window, in the Pardners tab, in the "recently completed" at the sheriff's office, or in top ranked list and selecting the View Wanted Poster option: There is no command for viewing posters.

Poster anatomy

Every wanted poster follows the same format, and is divided into three sections.

Name and gang

The top of a wanted poster features a player's most basic information: Next to a large WANTED notice is the player's name, and below that, their gang rank, if they have one. If clicked, the membership notice allows a player to view the gang itself.

Picture and rankings

The middle of a wanted poster fills its bulk, and shows off a player's avatar in a selected pose. Below the avatar is a selected quotation (real or imaginary) that the player has elected to have shown. To the right of the avatar is the NOTORIOUS DEEDS section, which lists a player's ranking in each scenario that they have played, as well as their overall ranking.

Selected badges

The bottom of a wanted poster allows a player to show off up to four badges; though it is marked as LAST SEEN WITH, the displayed badges may be any that the player has earned, or none if they so desire.

Poster editing

When viewing one's own poster, an Edit Poster button shows at the bottom. The interface for modifying one's poster is identical to the interface for viewing a poster, but has a text field for modifying the displayed quotation, and a side panel for choosing the displayed badges.