Unit Sacrifice

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  • Wendigo Survivals must be exactly 0
  • Rank must be 1st place
  • Units Killed must be at least 22

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"By Jove! That must be the MASTER DUCK. Just look at it, it's BEAUTY-FULL! Hmm... Full? Actually it looks quite HUNGRY. Let's feed it, but I suppose BREAD crumbs won't do. Quick MEN... jump into that glorious BEAK! We may win this one YET!"

Bounty completion

"We've won the Battle, but the WAR still rages on. But I have a PLAN! Yes! Ehehe. My master stroke... this will go down in History as the greatest thing since CUSTARD set out to Stand, with sugar SPRINKLES on top."

Bounty failure

"My goodness, I've seen BRATS with more spirit than you, YOU Rag-Tag bunch of miscreants! EVERYONE must go into the BEAK; this is attrition MEN: No Sacrifice, no GAIN!"

Strategies and Guides

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Board: Frost Maw


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