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A tutorial is a special type of game play mode designed to teach players the fundamental aspects of Bang! Howdy. Tutorials can be accessed from anywhere in a town, by either pressing "T", or clicking the "Tutorials" button at the bottom of the main town screen. Tutorials must be played through in a preset order initially, but after completion they may be replayed at a player's leisure, and in any order.

Each town has its own set of tutorials, some of which feature that town's units and other such new traits, and some that outline the town's new scenarios. Tutorials offer a first-time completion reward of scrip, cards, and/or badges, and some tutorials may be replayed indefinitely for a scrip reward.

Tutorial types

There are two general types of tutorial, "Learn" and "Practice". Learn-type tutorials serve to provide explainations of the basic features of game play. In learn-type tutorials, dialog boxes at the bottom of the screen portray various big shots summarizing the different attributes of Bang! Howdy's interface, scenario instructions, and unit characteristics. Players' actions in learn-type tutorials are usually very limited, extending only so far as to give players a general sense of what they would need to do in a real match situation.

Each scenerio, in addition to having an assosiated learn-type tutorial, also has an assosiated practice-type tutorial, which functions much like a bounty - units and boards are preset for each mission, but game-play otherwise proceeds just as it does in a standard match. Practice-type tutorials also allow players the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a town's new big shots - every new big shot is featured in at least one practice-type tutorial. Practice-type tutorials may be replayed indefinitely for a scrip reward.