Totem Massacre

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  • Totem Points must be at least 205*

 * The opening dialog says 200, 205 is the correct number.

Special rules: No unit respawn and you must survive

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"This is going to be a pointy spot to be in. We need those 200 Totem Points, but there are three angry armies standing in our way. Good luck."

Bounty completion

"H-how?!? Fall back to the forests -- we will cross at the Great Gorge!"

Bounty failure

"You are not worthy of building a Great Totem."

Strategies and Guides

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Board: Swift Hawk Mound

Strategy 1

By: A Howdypedia contributor

  1. Avoid picking up totems for the first two or three turns - let the other armies chase after totem pieces while you concentrate on wiping them out. They will foolishly cluster together, making it easy for you to inflict mass damage with your Storm Caller's lightning strikes, especially when also given your Hustle card. Your sharpshooters together will also be handy in taking out opposing Thunderbirds that come near.
  2. Go ahead and let the other armies pile up totems on the upper totem pole - totem pieces that you place on that extremely tall totem pole will be worth plenty of points for you toward your 205 goal. You'll need just one on the lower pole to capture the 50 point bonus for most totems on a pole. And when you have just about wiped out all the opposing forces, you'll likely have enough time to put enough totems on the upper pole so that you have the most totems on that pole, too, for that pole's 50-point bonus.

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