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The Frontier Town Top Ranked list for Lifetime on 06.14.20

Top ranked lists identify the ten top-ranked players for each scenario. They are accessible from the Top Ranked tab in the saloon. Each town's saloon shows only the scenarios that are native to that town—there is also an overall ranking, which is the same for all towns. Only the top player for a scenario has their avatar visible on the list, but all names on the list can be clicked to view their respective players' wanted posters. A player who has not played a particular scenario for two weeks will be dropped from that scenario's top ranked list until they play the scenario again.

Weekly Top Ranked Lists

Weekly Top Ranked Lists are reset every saturday at midnight. Everyone who was on the Weekly Top Ranked Overall List or the Scenario Lists would get badges. A player must play 10 ranked games of that scenario during the week to be on the Weekly Top Ranked List.

Historical notes