Thunder Swarm

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  • Totem Points must be at least 180
  • Units Killed must be at least 10

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"You're far out in the woods now, tin star. Let's see who can walk out of here alive."

Bounty completion


Bounty failure

"Again, I aint gonna lie to you: It's gonna be tough to get that many totem points AND take down Black Cloud. Only smart unit tactics keep you out of a pine box.

Strategies and Guides

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by WiseFox

This mission seems to be very spawn-dependent: if you have a bunch of large and some medium totems spawning at the start, you're good to go; if you start with a bunch of small totems, you probably better restart the map. The bonus spawns can also make a huge difference (spirit walk, hustle, jackrabbit)

  1. Give the lucky horseshoe to the sharpshooter and focus her mostly on killing off the opposition.
  2. Give the spirit walk to a steam gunman and have him and the trickster raven focus on the totem pieces in the pits.
  3. Focus the other steam gunman and buffalo rider on the totem pieces around the pits.
  4. The enemy's thuderbirds are pretty harmless and will mostly do totem runs: let them carry their pieces close to a totem and then take them out with your sharp (gunman & buffalo can pick them up).
  5. Keep an eye on the enemy's storm caller (auto-kill), sharp shooter (totem drop) and dog soldier (totem attack), and try to take them out as soon as you can.
  6. If you lose one of your units early, you probably better restart: you'll need all of your units for a big part of the mission to achieve the objectives in time.
  7. Don't pick up a totem if it puts you in the middle of a cross-fire (unless you decided to use your iron plate).
  8. Placing a crown will make a big difference towards achieving enough totem points, make sure you have the trickster and/or spirited gunman around the pits towards the end of the mission.


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