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Indian Trading Post units

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All Frontier Town units are available to use in Indian Trading Post, but ITP units are not available in Frontier Town.

Big shots


Indian Trading Post
Revolutionary stats.png

The Revolutionary is a charismatic and well-loved Big Shot. He doesn't deal a whole lot of damage himself, but he inspires his team to greatness. Be sure to include Ground units on his team as they'll fight extra hard on his behalf.

  • Special Power: When he's knocked out, other units on his team immediately respawn to avenge him. Provides all allied Ground units with a 10% attack bonus. When standing next to a target he'll use his sword giving him a 50% attack bonus.

Storm Caller

Storm Caller
Indian Trading Post
Storm Caller.png
Storm Caller stats.png

The Storm Caller has a formidable ally in Mother Nature and calls down a bolt of lightning to attack his enemies. When he's around, lightning can and does strike twice.

Watch where you're aimin' though, the chaining lightning doesn't discriminate between friend and foe.

  • Special Power: His lightning attack chains at 80% to units standing next to his main target and at 50% to units standing next to those.

Trickster Raven

Trickster Raven
Indian Trading Post
Trickster Raven.png
Trickster Raven stats.png

The Trickster Raven ain't called tricky fer nothin'. He's a Ground unit that can fly! The Cavalry may be master of the ground, but the Trickster Raven is king of the air.

He's great on boards with lots of obstacles or impassable terrain and he's got attack and defense bonuses versus Air units to boot. Set him up with Fire Starter and wreak havoc.

  • Special Power: He can fly over impassable terrain by turning into a Raven.


Buffalo Rider

Buffalo Rider
Indian Trading Post
Buffalo Rider.png
Buffalo Rider stats.png

The Buffalo Rider attacks by ramming into her enemies. The further away she starts from her target, the more powerful her attack. Woe betide anyone caught between a charging Buffalo Rider and a hard place.

She has a good range and power, but cannot attack flying units.

  • Special Power: If she starts at least four tiles away when attacking, she will push her target backwards out of their current spot.

Dog Soldier

Dog Soldier
Indian Trading Post
Dog Soldier.png
Dog Soldier stats.png

Unit locked.pngLocked Unit: Kill ten player opponent units with one of your units without dying or buy the Tomahawk to unlock this unit!

The Dog Soldier is an offensive powerhouse. In addition to a powerful basic attack, he gets an additional smaller attack on every immediately adjacent enemy on every tick.

To demonstrate his bravery, he stakes himself into the ground which prevents him from being pushed out of position by the Buffalo Rider or Dream Catcher.

  • Special Power: He does an additional attack on every tick to all adjacent enemies.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher
Indian Trading Post
Dream Catcher.png
Dream Catcher stats.png

The Dream Catcher collects dreams. She keeps the good ones, but flings the nightmares at her enemies causing them to run in terror and resetting their initiative.

Her dream attacks don't do much damage, but she absorbs her target's energy via the attack and restores her own health.

  • Special Power: She resets her target's tick counter and forcibly moves them in the direction of her attack. She absorbs the damage done by her attack as health.


Indian Trading Post
Thunderbird stats.png

The Thunderbird is a magical creature believed to inhabit the forests near Indian Trading Post. As a Spirit unit, he is unaffected by many other units' attack and defense modifiers.

His ability to swoop in and attack a unit in the middle of his move makes him an excellent addition to a Totem Building team.

  • Special Power: He attacks his target on the way to his destination, instead of after he arrives.

Special units

Underdog Soldier

An NPC Dog Soldier unit which attacks whichever player is in the lead. Will only appear on the board if an Underdog Soldier card is played.

Locust Robot

One of the hostile units which appear in the Forest Guardians scenario, its danger lies in its ability to leap over units, mountainsides and obstacles and land right next to its target. This makes it especially dangerous if it spawns near a fresh tree. It will always go for an open tree to attack unless one is not in range or is blocked by units or wreckage.

Super Locust Robot

The Super counterpart of the Locust Robot, it has better attack and defense:

  • Base attack is 70 instead of 45
  • Receives 20 less damage from all units than the regular Locust Robot does
  • Is only seen when the players are BANDIT ranked or higher, or on very high waves

Use its inability to attack air units to your advantage.

Logging Robot

One of the hostile units which appear in the Forest Guardians scenario. Besides its sawblade attack, it also deals 5 damage to adjacent non-Air units every tick, and 13 to adjacent trees. Its sawblade attack is deflected by the Tactician just like Artillery shells, and cannot hit trees, even when deflected onto them.

Super Logging Robot

The Super counterpart of the Logging Robot, it is better on all fronts:

  • Movement range is 4 instead of 3
  • Firing range is 5 instead of 3
  • Base attack is 50 instead of 35
  • Receives 20 less damage from all units than the regular Logging Robot does
  • Adjacency attack deals 7 damage to non-Air units and 19 to trees, as opposed to the 5 and 13 of the regular Logging Robot

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