Steer Clear

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  • Cattle Rustled must be at least 6
  • Units Killed must be less than 3

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"This is going to be a hard assignment. You've got to brand all six cattle, but you can't get The Shark too angry by killin' too many of her gang or else..."

Bounty completion

"I've got a surprise for you around the next bend."

Bounty failure

"Don't swim with The Shark."

Strategies and Guides

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Board: ? (add)

by The_Conster & tealie (From WiseFox compilation on old B!H Forums)

a. Well, some things I found useful to keep in mind are:

  • The first seconds count: make sure your Codger makes it past the first fence without getting killed, and his Tact doesn't. Use cards if necessary.
  • It seems his units go after your Codger once his Tact is dead, leaving your other units unguarded (but keep in mind that you don't want them catching up to your Codger).
  • A <=25 HP enemy unit is bad news: keep your Dirigible away from them.
  • Steam Ground Unit and Steam Wreckage are just fancy words for Movable Barricade and Barricade.

b. This mission isn't bad once you understand what you need to do. Of course move your tactician up to the cattle and that is all your big shot will ever be doing. Place the half giddy up (or was it a full giddy up) on him and watch him run. As for the rest of your units, use your artillery to damage the gunslingers and sharpshooters (only 1 shot each artilleries are at full health) so that you damage them to 50% or less so that when they attack back it won't be at their full strength. Use your dirigible(s) and steamed gunman to attack the tactician whenever possible in the beginning. Try killing him in around 8 ticks (before any of the enemy units are able to pass through that single slit on the right side. At tick 13ish (the tick before the enemies are about to move) stick a barricade card at the single passing slit so the enemies aren't able to pass through. This will divert all of their movements to your side of the board (which in turn buys your bigshot enough time to brand the cattle in the front and move onward). When they start heading to the left side of the board, place a steamed gunman (or an artillery if you can get it there) on the other single slit and just sit them there. When they die, they will form a wreckage barrier preventing enemies from passing. When the barricade disappears, replace it with a steamed gunman again. Use your dirigible in the meantime to herd the cattle towards the top of the screen. By the time the enemy tactician respawns, the cattle should be herded into the 3rd area. A couple of ticks later, your steamed gunman will respawn. Use it and your dirigible to kill the tactician again. Let the other enemy non-bigshots run around the cattle all they want because by that time, you should have completed the mission. If you happen to not be able to hold off the enemy at the first barricade, set up your two steamed gunman at the fence line instead. Either way, all you need to do is give your bigshot enough time to brand the nearest cattle. Then after that, set up a barricade to prevent their enemy bigshot from getting to the cattle. Damaging the enemy units is only a way to give yourself more time to sit and barricade the enemy. Your bigshot should not die until all the cattle are branded, otherwise I suggest restarting the scenario.

c. Hit tactician with dirigible; send a steam gunman to just sit at the corner where the tactician exits; tactician will keep doing 30 to it while it sits; steam gunman dies; send the other one; it dies; theres wreckage; wreckage clears; barricade; by now it should be half way or more; kill tactician; wait for respawn and repeat

  • make sure your dirigible doesn't accidentally suicide and kill a unit
  • don't kill non bigshot units at all just SHIFT CLICK and walk past


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