Steam Crush

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  • Nuggets Claimed must be at least 5
  • Points Earned must be at least 400

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

Bounty completion

Bounty failure

Strategies and Guides

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by The_Conster & strayanimal (From WiseFox compilation on old B!H Forums)

a. First off, it's considered bad strategy to grab a nugget knowing the enemy can hit you, the reason being that units carrying a nugget are primary targets. Furthermore, you'll want to keep your Cavalry as safe as possible, in order to do the heavy damage. If you decide to grab gold, use some units as human shields to block off the opponent while one brings home the nugget. Another tactic: when your unit gets 4 ticks, don't move immediately, but wait for the enemy to grab a nugget (unless they can hit you when they grab the nugget). Then, once they grab it, attack immediately: since Tinnies move after advance orders are carried out, you'll be able to get 2 hits in.

b. Firstly keep your big shot back in case of emergencies or if something needs to be silenced, don't go for the gold behind the won't succeed, actually just let them get it. Secondly when the game starts move all your gunslingers to form a line where they can reach the gold but don't get it yet. When some of their steam engines get some gold get YOUR gold but also try to shoot the steams down even if it does little damage, it'll all help in the long run. Now, get your gunslingers back with covering fire from all other units. After you've got your gold go for the points, killing, gold, bonuses, which ever way possible.


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