Siege and Seize

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Special rules: No unit respawn and you must survive

  • Homesteads Claimed must be at least 7
  • Surviving Units must be at least 1

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

Bounty completion

Bounty failure

Strategies and Guides

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by WiseFox & RusherZero (From WiseFox compilation on old B!H Forums)

a. Let's divide the screen in 9 parts:




You start at 9; focus on clearing the 8-9 zone first (and capture the homestead there). Once you reach 8, split up: have the cavalry go 8-7-4-5-6 while your other units go 5-6 and battle it out with the rest. By the time your cavalry has destroyed and captured the homestead at 7, captured the ones at 4 & 5 and reached 6, your other units will be in bad shape, but most of the opposition should be gone. Focus all you've left on 3 and that should get you 7 homesteads with some time to spare (especially if some of his units were left hanging around 1).


  • You should put the hustle card on your cavalry ASAP;
  • Send either the gunslinger or a sharpshooter along with your cavalry;
  • Make sure the cav and the unit that goes with him have full HP
  • The unit that goes with the cav should pick up a hustle, ramble lucky horseshoe or hollowpoint bonus.
  • If the enemy bigshot chooses NOT to move along with his units on the right side of the map, it's best to just restart.
  • Follow the route described in a.


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