Sacred Totem

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  • Totem Points must be at least 120

Special rules: No unit respawn and you must survive

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"This is it! If we can build the Sacred Totem, Bukwas' power will wane like the New Moon that is out tonight. Once he is weakened, we will be able to bring him in. Of course, there is always that issue of his angry followers..."

Bounty completion

"..." (he has nothing to say)

Bounty failure

"You have no power here, leave this place while you still have life."

Strategies and Guides

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Strategy 1

By: A Howdypedia contributor

  1. Only air units can get totems up on these totem poles. Therefore your Dirigible is going to have to place all the pieces. Pick up the most valuable totem within reach on your first turn, and give your Dirigible the Hustle card so it has a chance of placing multiple totems. Then make sure to protect your Dirigible by taking out all enemy units capable of harming it. Those are the opposing Storm Caller, the Sharpshooters, and the Thunderbirds.
  2. Opposing Thunderbirds will generally go after totems, and not your Dirigible unless it's conveniently on a Thunderbird's path, so concentrate on taking out the enemy Storm Caller and Sharpshooters.
  3. It's OK if an opposing Thunderbird places a totem on one of the poles. You'll still get the 50 points for most totems on a pole if you have at least as many as any other team on the pole (in this case 1 vs. 1), and will make your totem on that pole more valuable from greater height. It can also be handy to have one or both of your Sharpshooters back near the poles to knock a totem out of a Thunderbird's clutches as it comes close to the poles, and have your Dirigible ready to pounce and grab it once your Sharpshooter shoots it out, then score the totem for yourself.
  4. You'll probably want to give your Storm Caller and Artillery the Hollow Point and Firestarter cards to increase the damage they do to the enemy units while wiping them out.

by Etla2 (Compiled by WiseFox on B!H Forums)

The Good News:

  • 120 totem points is actually a lot easier in this mission than it sounds.
  • The two totems are close together and all totem pieces spawn near you.

The Bad News:

  • All totem pieces spawn near you.
  • You'll have to get passed a few enemy units going the opposite direction.
  • The totems are elevated. Let's look at your units. A Storm Caller, an artillery, 2 sharpshooters, a gunslinger, a Dog Soldier, and a Dirigible. Only ONE of these units can fly, and I must say, it has a puny movement range.

Reload the map until there are two large totem pieces. Also, you might want to make sure that the Storm Caller and Sharpshooter from Gaunt Bukwas' team cannot use their first move on attacking one of your units. Use the hustle on the Dirigible, the Firestarter on the Storm Caller. Use the Hollow Point on the Artillery only after you you pass the enemy team coming your way. Keep your Sharpshooters and Dirigible alive at any cost. The enemies come in waves, if you could call it that. The thunderbirds come toward you first, then the buffalo riders, and then the remaining (but mostly comprised of Dog Soldiers) units make a run for your totem pieces. Leave at least two enemy thunderbirds alive (I'll tell you why in a second). Do not pick up any pieces with any units except your dirigible, for it may be in your best interest to reserve a large totem to your name. Try to take out the Sharpshooter and Storm Caller on the purple team with ranged attacks. Your Storm Caller with Firestarter will certainly wreck the other team. Make your units run around one side of the central tree, whichever side has fewer units. Put your piece on with the Dirigible (if you have one) and sit until the enemies' Thunderbirds or Buffalo Riders come back with pieces. The Thunderbirds will come back first, due to their head start. Use the Sharpshooters to knock the pieces out of their possession when they are no more than 5 spaces away from the totem poles. This allows your Dirigible to reach totems pieces efficiently. On the other hand, if you have enough two large pieces on each totem and still need 2 totem points, you can go ahead and let the enemy stack one to help you. Then, kill the remaining Thunderbirds, and, for a safe option, retreat your units to a corner or keep your Dirigible at the top. This ensures the unit that has to survive. However, if you have enough units, considering just killing off the enemy. For your reward you will get 1,300 scrip and a commemorative Gaunt Bukwas hat. Good Luck!

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