Rustlin' Bone-heads

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  • Units Killed must be at least 10
  • Brand Points must be at least 225

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

(Cavalry) "Calavera's hombres have been theivin' so many cattle 'round here that soon honest folks won't have a steer to call their own! Best put a stop to THAT!"

Bounty completion

(Cavalry) "You whupped 'em good! I'd hate to be in their boots when they have to explain this to ole Boss Bones!"

Bounty failure

(Cavalry) "You been whupped good, at this rate you'll never wipe that ghastly grin off Calavera's puss!"

Strategies and Guides

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Strategy 1

By: A Howdypedia contributor

It's pretty standard cattle rustling actually: focus your cavalry on the branding while your shotgunner and gunslinger do the killing. The middle of the circle is a pretty good spot for your cavalry, especially if there are a lot of the cows in there and you can manage your branding/herding in such a way the enemy units have trouble getting in the circle. Try to keep your shotgunner and gunslinger together to maximize your kills, take out their bigshots first (if close) and prey on wounded units. There's not much more to tell about this mission as far as I recall... Please note: This is not my guide! I use it with permission from Wisefox.


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