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  • Homestead Points must be at least 280
  • Homesteads Destroyed must be at least 4

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"I guess I'm not the only shark around here. There ain't room for the two of us in these waters."

Bounty completion

"Big fish eats th' little 'uns. That's how it goes, I reckon."

Bounty failure

"I guess I was wrong about you -- you're just a minnow."

Strategies and Guides

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by tealie & MattAlmighty (From WiseFox compilation on old B!H Forums)

a. This one isn't as difficult to complete if you have a viable strategy. Everyone usually has trouble either getting 1 condition or the other, and getting both is the difficult part. So here's how I completed it. I keep resetting the scenario until my cavalry big shot is within range of claiming the first homestead. First put the hustle card onto him, and then move him to claim the homestead (I found that if i reverse the action order, the hustle card doesn't add a tick for some reason, and I end up waiting another tick for my cavalry to move). Then retreat your cavalry into a safe position so it doesn't die. Usually the enemy destroys the homestead instead of attacking your troops. Claim it back immediately when it gets destroyed. Then advance all your troops forward while killing the enemy on the way. Try and kill their bigshot as early as possible (I'll mention why in a second). Of course never destroy all their troops at once or else the 1st respawn enemy will get invulnerability. When you've cleared most of the enemies while the same time you are advancing, start destroying that first homestead. Next thing to do depends on how quickly you killed that enemy bigshot.

Option a) If you killed the enemy bigshot quickly, by the time you get to the first enemy homestead, the old codger will spawn at that very homestead. If he does respawn there, destroy the homestead and let him take it back. After he takes it back, destroy the homestead quickly and claim it as your own, while killing the enemy bigshot. If done quickly enough, you should be able to get enough homestead points assuming you don't lose any homesteads yourself. If you know that the enemy bigshot should be respawning soon, you can wait for him to respawn there also.

Option b) If you killed the enemy bigshot a little late, then by the time you get to and destroy the first enemy homestead, his bigshot has not respawned yet. Instead, claim the homestead yourself and keep pushing forward to the second enemy homestead you encounter. When you get to the second enemy homestead, your first priority is to damage the homestead to the brink of destruction. Do not destroy it until AFTER the enemy bigshot has respawned there. Once he respawns and claims the homestead, start destroying the homestead again. Do not kill the bigshot or else he can't reclaim it. After he respawns, it is okay to damage him so he only deals half damage, but I repeat, do not KILL him or else you won't fulfill the mission objectives. So destroy the homestead, let the enemy bigshot reclaim it immediately. Destroy it again; rinse and repeat until you get 4 homesteads destroyed. Tips that may help:

  • Keep moving your dirigibles forward and advancing until you reach the enemy's 2nd homestead. Never move them back heading towards your homesteads unless absolutely necessary. Since your artilleries are slow, usually they can handle any loose shotgunner which passes your dirigibles.
  • Keep your bigshot alive until you have claimed the 2nd homestead. If you don't claim the steads immediately after they are destroyed, either you won't reach the necessary number of homestead points or else the homestead will get stolen by the enemy. Every point counts in beating this mission, so each tick for every homestead is valuable.
  • Make sure to use your dirigibles to damage and kill the enemy artillery. Let your artillery and bigshot kill their bigshot and shotgunners. After their artillery are either dead or badly damaged, use your dirigibles to attack/destroy enemy homesteads. They will be your main force to destroy the homesteads.
  • Make sure to damage their old codger to under 50% or less. Since your dirigibles are valuable in attacking the enemy homesteads, 1 hit kills from the enemy codger is less than ideal. I recommend hitting him with a single shot from a 100% health artillery. It's usually the most efficient and safest way.
  • If you have trouble completing the 280 homestead points, try going with Option b. If you have trouble destroying 4 homesteads, try going with Option a.


  • Make sure you spawn with your cavalry in position to take the first homestead, and The Shark's unit that is closest to the homestead should be a shotgunner. Attach a rambling card to one of your arts at the start, and don't attack anything to your cavalry yet.
  • Take out their units and the closest homestead that they still have. Then keep pushing forward and get the Codger's health to 50% and then kill the homestead where they are spawning from. Let the Codger get it then kill it. Then use your hustle card on your cavalry and capture it.
  • Now move your dirigible over to the last homestead to distract the enemy, and you probably win soon =)


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