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  • Homestead Points must be at least 80

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by Bluebeard, The_Conster & tealie (From WiseFox compilation on old B!H Forums)

a. To get the 80 homestead points, there are three key things:

  • Kill the enemy bigshot (tactician) before he can ever claim a stead, every time.
  • Take and hold as many steads as possible, even if it means certain death for your bigshot.
  • This conflicts a bit with #2, but keep your bigshot alive, so that he may do #2.

b. An additional tip (not sure if I speak from experience, since when I did manage to beat that level, I was stumped by how well I was doing): try to block the tiles next to your Homesteads, so their shotgunners can't destroy them.

c. That one is a dastardly one, but here is the key strategy that I used to beat it. Use your sharpshooter/dirigible/joker card to immediately kill the enemy tactician in the first couple ticks. 2 out of 3 of any of those combinations will easily suffice. After that, take your cavalry and steal the left homestead. You should wait until the majority of the ticks on the enemies fires and move at that same particular time, that way all the ticks are reset to the same timing. If done correctly, you get to move your cavalry out of the way before it gets slaughtered by the enemies 4 ticks later (preferrably moving to claim the right stead). The enemies will then go for the homestead instead of the big shot. At the same time, use your other units to form a wall between the 2 middle homesteads if possible, if you stand on the spots inner two spots, the better off you are. If you get your steamed gunman and your artillery there, you are basically home free because it prevents the enemy steamed gunman and direct shots from the shotgunners from damaging your homesteads. When one of your homesteads drop, steal it back. Use your heart on your cavalry accordingly. Kill the respawned tactician when necessary, and do not let him take that left homestead until you are abundant with homestead points. During that whole time, damage the enemies past 50%, that way they only deal half damage instead of their normal full damage. Take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy (like sharpshooter and artillery attacking the gunslingers so they cant fire back, or dirigibles attacking steamed gunman to deal max damage). If your units respawn while you are holding one of the 2 center homesteads, it will make it easier to defend and "sit" on them to prevent enemies from attacking it. If you have the option to kill and enemy which is 50% life or lower and damaging a fresh enemy, damaging the fresh enemy might be easier for you to keep your bigshot alive. If you have the choice of damaging a fresh enemy or damaging (but not killing) an injured enemy, I advised hurting the fresh one instead of attacking the already damaged one. Usually this mission is a hit or miss, either you score the necessary points a little past halfway through the mission, or you don't manage to score anywhere close to enough. If you are skilled enough to keep tabs on who plans on attacking your big shot, then use that misfire (or was it a dud) card on an enemy with full health. Your bigshot should not die within the first....14ish ticks, otherwise I suggest restarting.


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