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Respawning allows units to come back to life some time after being destroyed. Units respawn fully healed, and with a full tick meter. Each player's units generally respawn around a fixed point for each board. If all of a player's units are "dead" at the same time, the first one to respawn will be affected by an Iron Plate bonus, and will be invulnerable for seven ticks.

Rules for respawning vary by scenario. In Land Grab, units respawn around their player's most recently-captured homestead, or at the location of their player's original homestead if he has no homesteads remaining. In Wendigo Attack, units respawn more quickly then normal. In Warpath, big shots respawn immidiately, and normal units respawn around a player's big shot, at a rate inversely proportionate to the big shot's level. Some bounties do not allow either side to respawn at all (such restrictions are indicated in mission briefings).

When the Revolutionary dies, all dead units on its team respawn immidiately.