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This page is a list of patch notes for the Affliction Networks version of Bang! Howdy.


Patch 1059:

  • Lag caused by some textures not being cached
  • Effects now work again!
  • Frontier Town Sheriff and Hideout now work again
  • Bug fixes in the client that was unfortunately causing frame drops should now be fixed.

As far as patch numbers go, there seems to be a skip but the skip is due to internal versions conflicting with those specific numbers.


  • Server reboots are now working correctly.
  • Top ranks are now displaying correctly in the saloon.
  • Music volume will no longer reset to 100%.
  • Suit of Thirteen and Fifty Two Pickup card packs can be purchased from the Indian Trading Post again.

The following maps have temporarily been removed from two player Forest Guardian scenario:

  • Ancient Tree
  • High Ground Haven
  • Ribbit King Lagoon
  • Spirit Well
  • Tanglewoods East
  • Tanglewoods South
  • Thunderbird Rock


"Patch: 1025"

"The main purpose of this patch is to balance ranked matches. Here is a list of our changes in this patch:"

  • Leaving ranked matches before they have fully concluded now results in a timed penalty before you will be able to queue into ranked matches again.
  • Server sided bug fixes


"Patch: 1024"

  • Fix avatar loading issues
  • Fix buckle loading issues


"Patch: 1023"

  • Cross platform security update
  • Major server side overhaul
  • Recoded anti-cheat systems (More accurate)


"Patch: 1022"

  • Moved to upgraded servers fully
  • Double pardner icon listings fixed
  • Possibly fixed cross-town pardner online status (Still testing)
  • Possibly fixed cross-town gang status
  • Some other misc bugs
  • Prep for new badge content rollout (Which will include the late badges we promised to some members)


"Patch: 1021"

  • We have moved everything to the new Bang! Howdy Multi-platform Launcher. This launcher will stream line all future updates and focuses on delivering fast and efficient updates without issues. The new launcher will also only download the necessary updated files without re-downloading the entire game every time.. thus speeding up the download of updates ten fold!
  • We now OFFICIALLY support Mac with Linux on it's way!
  • Major performance fixes in 1021 Patch as well in regards to server performance and client performance.
  • Custom native Bang! Howdy, LWJGL, and LibGDX libraries designed specifically for Bang! Howdy and running smoothly.

"Patch: 1020"

  • Server side bug fixes
  • Major change to Forest Guardians Hardcore (As long as one tree still exists.. The round will never end)
  • Preparations for the next major Bang! update


"Patch: 1019"

  • Tournament related content added
  • Small bug fixes for event tournaments
  • Updated moderator commands
  • Authentication bug fixes when switching towns


"Patch: 1018"

  • Add new website integration via secure OAuth
  • Begin move to new subscription system
  • Modify logon GUI to be much cleaner


"Patch: 1017"

  • Fixed major login bugs that caused some people not being able to login
  • Added Tournaments & Event Tournament modes
  • Added Real time speed to games.
  • Quite a few overhauls to statistics
  • Minor bug fixes as well security fixes not listed due to security.


"Patch: 1016"

  • Emergency Fix for crashing when audio is on

"Patch: 1015"

  • Hotfix patch to fix the last of the missing texture content
  • Resolve some cards being unbuyable at general store

"Patch: 1014"

  • Hotfix patch to fix some reporting crashing with loading content from other towns

"Patch: 1013"

  • Major back bone rewrite for data management ... This will allow us to release new content now with ease instead of the major hassle it was before.
  • Added color to some dust particles to give the game a bit more brightness
  • Focused fixes to the anti cheat so we have FAR less false positives.


"Patch: 1012"

  • All beta servers will now be only accessibly 24/7 to all players with BETA access tag. This will be given to anyone who has proof of purchase from previous purchases with Bang! Howdy and future Bang! Howdy
  • All beta badges will be removed from all none Beta customers. If you have recently or previously purchased Bang! Howdy, make a ticket for your account to begin the upgrade.
  • We will be releasing a series of updates in regard to account security and the safety of our player base. This will start with an account portal which will give you full management of your account and account's security. This portal will also allow the purchase of Tokens in the future which will be a form of optional payment. If you wish to support the game you will soon be able to buy tokens to do this.
  • A ton of security updates tied to the new account portal
  • Added "Manage Account" option to main menus
  • Changed server status page to point to our Discord
  • Rewritten Logon Protocol


"Patch: 1011"

  • Balances for Forest Guardians
  • New unranked scenario, Forest Hardcore released!
  • Mad Jedidiah updated to reflect balancing.
  • Bug fixes
  • You can now freely chat in games with using /tell
  • Ranked requirements removed
  • Tenderfoot badge is now 5 ranked games again
  • Cowpoke badge changed to 10 ranked games


"Patch: 1010"

  • Adjustments made to Forest Guardian Tree Points again


"Patch: 1009"

  • Forest Guardian Tree Point adjustments. (Fixes the scores)
  • Re-add Official Parlors


"Patch: 1008"

  • Added match logs for internal staff use
  • Removed ranked requirements as requested by the community
  • Removed all official parlors.. (To stimulate community parlors)
  • Patches to Forest Guardians game mode have been made. Further adjustments still pending if necessary.
  • Fixed Pardner system
  • Messages go cross-town
  • Pardner Invites go cross-town
  • Gang Invites go cross-town
  • Fixes to Gang Hideout


"Patch: 1007"

  • Idle timer has been extended
  • Bug Fixes
  • Added ANGuard system checks for all logins
  • Moderation fixes again
  • Removed all artwork from an old artist, Ame, by request.


"Patch: 1006"

  • Rework entire Bang! Howdy backend
  • Major Bang! Howdy Engine Changes (Better performance)
  • Added a bunch of private moderation changes for the staff


"Patch: 1004 & 1005"

  • Added 2020 Gold Rush Tournament Champion Badge
  • Fixed sheriff/deputy permissions system
  • Updated logon protocols
  • Patched bounty exploits
  • Updated to encrypted packets (More secure data)


"Patch: 1001-1003"

  • Released Homestead!
  • Indian Trading Post is no longer free
  • Indian Trading Post now costs 5,000 Scrip
  • Patched the common bounty money exploits
  • Patched the validation file bug