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Rankings are based on a player's success overall and with each different scenario. Rankings can be viewed on the wanted poster. The rankings in order from low to high are:

  • tenderfoot
  • cowpoke
  • Scofflaw
  • Rebel
  • Law Breaker

Players have both weekly and lifetime rankings. All such rankings appear on wanted posters, with an option to switch between Lifetime and the different Week of... listings. These rankings determine the top ranked lists at the saloon. There are "contender" badges for those who place in the top ten overall or on a scenario at the end of the week (Sunday, 12:00 AM server time). The player in first place for a weekly list earns a "champion" badge at the week's end. A player must have played the given scenario at least ten times in a week to appear on its top ranked list. The lifetime rankings provide no badge rewards.