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This page is a list of player polls for the Affliction Networks version of Bang! Howdy.

Poll #3


"Should the primary development focus shift to Bang! Howdy Reloaded?"


  • Main development focus will be Bang! Howdy: Reloaded: a new 2D Steam game built on BH, with the ability to expand towns.
  • Bang! Howdy "Classic" will have: new project lead, but limited dev and technical support

Result: Not passed

Yes 8 (62%)

No 5 (38%)

Total: 13

Poll #2


"Should the Revolutionary Big Shot's 10% damage bonus extend to ground and air units, instead of only ground units?"

Result: Passed

Yes 9 (100%)

No 0 (0%)

Total: 9

Poll #1


"Should Aces be temporarily earnable from ranked Forest Guardians matches *with players from multiple gangs*? Reason for temporary: we may want to reverse or revisit this in the event that the game becomes considerably more populated, consequentially gang activity wouldn't need this special boost anymore."

Result: Passed

Yes 13 (100%)

No 0 (0%)

Total: 13