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All of the following cards are available for purchase and use in Indian Trading Post; all costs are for packs of three. Players can pick up any card in a match, regardless of rarity. Some cards may also appear in bonus form.

List of all "common" cards

These cards can be purchased either in packs of three or in assorted packs.

Name Image Cost Effect
Card-Cat Ballou.png
20 Scrip.png Removes a card at random from one of your opponents' hands. The card returns to the player's inventory.
50 Scrip.png Heals all units on the board.
Jack Rabbit
Card-Jack Rabbit.png
30 Scrip.png Gives the affected unit a +3 movement bonus for their next 4 ticks. Will replace any other influence.
40 Scrip.png Clears all active influences from all units in the game.
Snake Bite
Card-Snake Bite.png
30 Scrip.png Makes the affected human unit take damage at every tick for eight ticks*.
Target takes 5 damage per tick.
20 Scrip.png Places a snare on the board that when stepped on, will prevent the unit from moving.
For the next 8 ticks.

*Until February 2021, Snake Bite was bugged and lasted until the unit died or had its influence replaced.

List of "uncommon" cards

These cards can be purchased in packs of three, but only with a requisite badge; they can be found in packs of 13 and 52 regardless.

Name Image Cost Requirements Effect
Bear Trap
20 Scrip.png Totem Artist Places a trap on the board that will snap shut on any unit that steps on it, damaging it.
Deals 50 damage.
40 Scrip.png Tundra Dog Causes the affected unit to set their targets on fire with each shot for four ticks. Burning units take damage every tick for four ticks.
Will replace any other influence. Deals 5 damage per tick.
30 Scrip.png Voltaic Damages a unit with lightning, which will chain through any steam units that are adjacent to the target.
Contrary to description, the lightning will chain through all units, not just steam units. Deals a base damage of 40.
Peace Pipe
Card-Peace Pipe.png
20 Scrip.png Tree Hugger Prevents the affected unit from attacking until it has been attacked or eight ticks have elapsed.
Spirit Walk
Card-Spirit Walk.png
40 Scrip.png The Un-gnawed Gives the affected unit the ability to walk over any terrain and through any object. Will replace any other influence.
40 Scrip.png Totem Master Sends a stampede of buffalo across the board, damaging all units in their path.
Deals 50 damage.
Tumbleweed Wind
Card-Tumbleweed Wind.png
20 Scrip.png Green Manitou Clears all wreckage from the board.

List of all "rare" cards

These cards can only be purchased in assorted packs, found in matches, or created in matches by using Lasso on an equivalent bonus or trap.

Name Image Effect
Eagle Eye
Card-Eagle Eye.png
Gives gun users with a maximum shot distance greater than one a shot distance bonus.
Maximum shot distance is increased by one.
Underdog Soldier
Card-Underdog Soldier.png
Calls in an unaffiliated Dog Soldier that will roam around the board, attacking the player in the lead.

Card packs

All cards except the rare ones can be purchased at the general store either in sets of three. Cards can also be bought in packs of thirteen and fifty-two that give a random selection of cards from the Indian Trading Post or any previous town, including the rare cards and cards that haven't been unlocked yet with badges.

Suit of Thirteen Fifty Two Pickup
Scrip.png 115 Scrip.png 460

Historical notes

  • The Affliction Networks version of the game changed the price of the Card packs from 130 and 520 to its current price.

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