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The pardners tab

Your pardners are your friends in Bang! Howdy. By looking at your pardners tab by pressing "P", you can see how many of your pardners are online and you can contact them in a one-on-one chat session.

Managing your pardners

There are two ways to add pardners to your list: either by clicking their name in a Parlor or chat box, or from the final Placement window at the conclusion of a match, and selecting the "Invite as Pardner..." option; or by opening the pardners tab, typing their whole name in the "Add a new Pardner" box at the bottom, and clicking the submit button.

If someone invites you to be their pardner, a dialogue will appear, telling you, "So and So wants to be yer pardner!" Click the "Howdy, pardner!" button to accept the invite and add them to your pardner list, "No thanks" to reject the invitation, or "Ignore So and So" to add the sender of the message to your ignore list.

To remove a pardner from your list, simply click on them to select them, then click the "Remove" button, you will be given a confirmation before removing them completely.

You cannot have more than 75 pardners on your pardners list. If you have 75 pardners, the message "You can't have more than 75 pardners" will appear when you try to add more pardners.


If your pardner is in a match or Bounty mission, a "Watch" option, which allows you to watch your pardner's game, is available by clicking that pardner and selecting the respective button. You can participate in the game's chat; your text will appear in white.


If a pardner is online, you have the option to create a private chat session with them. To do so, click on the pardner and click the "Chat" button; this will open a box, similar to an instant messaging program with which you and your pardner can chat one-on-one.

Pardner status

If your pardners are online, you can see their pardner status icon from the Pardners window, telling you what your pardner is currently doing.

Pardnerstatus1.png Your pardner is playing in a match.
Pardnerstatus2.png Your pardner is in the saloon, possibly looking for a game.
Pardnerstatus3.png Your pardner is in Frontier Town, but not in a match or the saloon.
Pardnerstatus4.png Your pardner is at the Indian Trading Post, but not in a match or the saloon.
Pardnerstatus5.png Your pardner is playing in a bounty mission.
Pardnerstatus6.png Your pardner is playing in a tutorial mission.