Oro de Muerte

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  • Units Killed must be at least 12
  • Nuggets Claimed must be at least 6
  • Bonuses collected must be at least 4

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"Calavera's gang is gobblin' up every nugget in the gorge! Prospectors are shakin' in their boots and goin' bust! Those poor folks need someone to get back what's theirs and put a hurtin' on them that done 'em wrong!"

Bounty completion

"Woo doggies! I reckon Calavera's gang is out of the cattle trade once an' for all, thanks to you!"

Bounty failure

"Tarnation! I reckon those outlaws are more scared of Calavera than they are of you!"

Strategies and Guides

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Board: ? (add)

by tealie (From WiseFox compilation on old B!H Forums)

This mission is like any typical claim jumping saloon game in my opinion. There isn't too much strategy involved in this particular scenario like the others. But I can advise you to some mistakes that others seem to make when playing a game of this sort. Usually players go straight for the 2 gold nuggets lying around on the board at the very beginning. Instead of going for those nuggets, concentrate your movements on killing the enemy instead while trying to minimize the damage you take yourself. This will give you a large advantage in the beginning of the scenario as 3 vs 1 or even 5 vs 1's are definitely in your favor. Usually the last enemy unit I leave alive is the dirigible, just because it seems the hardest to kill, and it typically deals the least amount of damage to your units. When you have completely crippled your enemy, that is the time to pick up those loose nuggets and steal some nuggets from the opponents claim. Pick up bonuses along the way to and from the claim if they are in pretty decent locations. I think 1 bonus appears at a time in this scenario, so the earlier you pick it up, the sooner the next bonus can appear. When the enemy begins respawning again, pick them off one by one as they respawn. By this time, the majority of the nuggets should already be in your claim or on the way back. When the next wave of respawns appear, its more of a time to defend than anything else. So just kill the enemy units as usual. When most of them are gone, take the time to steal the last nugget, or couple nuggets from their claim and head on home. Then play defense again. Near the end, you might have trouble fending off enemy units. To counter this, either build a wall of units so that the enemy cant even get to your claim. Machine units if possible so they provide a barricade when they die. The other thing to do is place the fools gold card at a remote location (I recommend at the edge of board in between the 2 canyons. That way all the enemy units attention is moved towards that nugget instead. Keep killing that unit that picks up that nugget, and your claim should remain safe. I don't think I had *too* much trouble on Los Calavera's other missions, but then again, I don't really remember. Just holler if you seem to have trouble on them after you've tried them. I remember beating his last mission on the first try, and I thought that mission was fun also.


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