Operation Sitting-Duck

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  • Homesteads Destroyed must be at least 12

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"Aha! I see you for the TURNCOAT scum that you are! The bunny slippers and WAX MUSTACHE should have tipped me off... Yes Mam! You are the enemy! I'll win this battle yet -- you canot STOP my TOWERS of doom! I will put them up faster than a turtle in spring."

Bounty completion

"For the LOVE of Light! We've lost it! Where is my little ducky?!? Get up MEN, and Fight! YOU lilly-livers with pâté and sweet creams. Fight Cornsternit, FIGHT!!!"

Bounty failure

"The International LAWS of surrender to not APPLY with me, Hoo Boy! You may bring me all the fritter DUMPLIN's in Naples and it won't do you NO GOOD. Today, VICTORY, sweet, sweet Victoria is ALL Mine. MINE!!! Ehehe."

Strategies and Guides

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by blazinginfer (compiled by WiseFox on B!H Forums)

  • Do not kill Mad Jedidiah's Old Codger but you can hurt it
  • Try to bring all your units to the other side by using the Portal but not your Storm Caller, it deals all the damage to other units
  • Use all your units to destroy homesteads
  • Don't claim any homesteads
  • Keep on trying, sooner or later you will get the 12 you needed.


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