Oh the Trees

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  • Elder Trees Saved must be exactly 2
  • Wave Points must be less than 20
  • Units Killed must be at least 8

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"My Goodness, look at those soldiers! At last our reinforcements have arrived. Yes, cut wood.. GENIUS! That wood will BUILD an IMPENETRABLE fort of TOWERS: I will have my day in the DUCK!"

Bounty completion

"Ehehe. At LONG last I got the supplies that I needed. The brass finally listened to my Military Stratagems! I can almost taste the Duck L'orange in my canteen... Spivey, prepare for Operation Sitting-Duck!"

Bounty failure

"No, No, NO! I ought to have you COURT MARTIANED. Fool, you CANNOT pass a single WAVE or you'll have TOO darn many WAVE POINTS. I've seen GRANNIES that could eat more than you."

Strategies and Guides

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Board: High Ground Haven

Strategy 1

By: User:Mimeyy

  • Pick 2 trees to grow and 2 to die.
  • Sit on the 2 trees you chose to die until they sprout so bots can kill it.
  • Make sure you keep the living trees growing, not fully grown, until at least 8 bots have dropped.
  • Finish the round by growing your 2 living trees and eliminating all bots. Finishing the round is required or you will end up with more than the wave point limit with the 2 grown trees.


  • Use your Firestarter card on your Dream Catcher to rack up easy kills.
  • Try to get the Frog fetish on your bird to grow the 2 dying trees quickly.
  • Try to get the Bear fetish on your Artillery or Revolutionary for the best damage output.

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