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Objectives are, in matches and tutorials, the scenario-specific means by which points may be scored, and which normally constitute the majority of players' final scores. In bounties, objective may also refer to the requirements that must be fulfilled in order to complete a mission. Objectives are achieved by completing given tasks through the use of units and, sometimes, cards or bonuses.

Match and Tutorial Objectives

In matches and Tutorials, objectives are always the same for each scenario, and normally set the pace for game play. Completing objectives awards players a set amount of points, and in some cases has other effects, too. Scenario objectives, their point rewards, and possible effects are as follows:

Scenario Objective Point value Effect
Gold Rush Collect nuggets 50 per each -
Claim Jumping Collect and maintain possession of nuggets 50 per each -
Cattle Rustling Brand and maintain possession of head o' cattle 50 per each + 1 point per tick per branded head o' cattle -
Land Grab Claim and maintain control of homesteads 50 per each + 1 point per tick per Claimed Homestead Units respawn by most recently claimed homestead
Wendigo Attack Survive the Wendigo attacks 15 per each + 15 per each survival holding a talisman and standing on a rune -
Totem Building Place and protect Totem pieces on totem poles 10 per small piece, 20 per medium piece, 30 per large piece, 40 per crown piece Placing crown totems on all totem bases ends round instantly
Forest Guardians Grow and protect trees ? When all trees reach Elder stage, the wave will end once all robots are destroyed
Warpath Attain big shot levels 50 per each Attack and defense bonus to big shot + possible permanent influence

Normal game play usually revolves around accomplishing these objectives and hindering other players' attempts to do so.

Objective items

Carrying out objectives often requires making use of objective items. In some scenarios, items unique to that scenario exist which are not necessary, but assist players in completing objectives. Objective items and other scenario-specific items are as follows:

Scenario Objective item(s) Other items
Gold Rush gold nuggets -
Claim Jumping gold nuggets -
Cattle Rustling head o' cattle -
Land Grab homesteads -
Wendigo Attack sacred talismans
Talismans, circumstantially, may or may not be necessary to objective completion
sacred talismans
Talismans, circumstantially, may or may not be necessary to objective completion
Totem Building totem pieces -
Forest Guardians trees fetishes
Warpath - -

Points received for obtaining objective items are rescinded if the item is removed from a players' possession.

Bounty objectives

Objectives in bounty missions vary, and must be fulfilled exactly for the mission to be completed. Bounty objectives are often unrelated to those of scenarios, sometimes extending no further than killing enemy units, and other times focusing on aspects of game play that do not even exist outside of Bounties (such as "No unit respawn and you must survive"). On some occasions, all mission objectives of a given bounty follow certain trends. This is especially true for lower-difficulty Bounties, which frequently focus on one scenario in particular.