Maximum Cowpacity

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  • Most Simultaneous Brands must be at least 7
  • Damage Dealt must be at least 1200

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"Mecha Moo was trying to liberate the cows on board the train but it's crashed! Now he and every other bandit in town are trying to round them up. Reclaim those cows Deputy!”

Bounty completion

"Don't milk your victory too much Deputy. I'll be grazing on open pastures before you know it.”

Bounty failure

"Let the Longhorn Liberation begin!"

Strategies and Guides

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Board: Wagon Graveyard

by EvilTree (From WiseFox compilation on old B!H Forums)

Try to use your dirigible to get the gold from Mecha Moo before the tincan comes and steals his gold. Make sure your dirigible is safe from his codger though. Wait for blue to come near you then attack on the 0th tick and if you preset you can attack again, run, or steal some gold and have his units attack the unit with the gold. Don't wipe them out too fast or they will spawn in large groups and come for you. Place the spring near your claim so that their unit will hopefully get separated from the main group and will take a long time to get back. Try to stay healthy and attack with 2 units to take out one of his. Injure artilleries so that they cant double kill you.


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