Mammon and the Preacher

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  • Units Killed must be at least 6
  • Nuggets Claimed must be at least 3

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

Bounty completion

Bounty failure

Strategies and Guides

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by WiseFox (From WiseFox compilation on old B!H Forums)

1. At the start, use your codger and sharpshooter to entertain the enemy units going for the nearby nugget. They will get taken out pretty quickly, but should keep the enemy units busy for a while and (if you're lucky) even manage to drop that nugget on your side of the map.

2. Have the steam gunman and gunslinger go for the other nuggets meanwhile: the steam grabs the nugget farthest away from your tank, the gunslinger the other one.

3. Your units will be taken out pretty quickly in the first part of the game (4 vs 6), but your focus should be on bringing the nuggets as close as possible to your tank and prevent him from invading your side. You will hit him hard on respawn.

4. Your respawning codger should wreck havoc (especially on the dirigible returning with a nugget) while your other units focus on getting the required nuggets in your tank. You should have an easier time than at the start, as part of his units will be busy with nugget runs themselves. As soon as you hit 3 nuggets, send all your units down to the enemy's tank.

5. The balance should be tipping your way now: his fast units will still be busy doing nugget runs while you can completely ignore the nuggets and focus only on killing.


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