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All of the following cards are available for purchase in Frontier Town, for use in Frontier Town and towns beyond it; all costs are for packs of three. Players can pick up any card in a match, regardless of rarity. Some cards may also appear in bonus form.

List of all "common" cards

These cards can be purchased either in packs of three or in assorted packs.

Name Image Cost Effect
20 Scrip.png Makes the affected gun firing unit's next shot have no effect.
20 Scrip.png Selects a destination for the train along the train tracks.
Half Repair
Card-Half Repair.png
15 Scrip.png Repairs a unit by half its maximum health.
30 Scrip.png Places a card on the board that explodes when a unit tries to grab it. Deals 50 damage.
Lucky Horseshoe
Card-Lucky Horseshoe.png
40 Scrip.png Gives the affected unit a 50% chance of doing x2 damage when attacking until it dies. Will replace any other influence.
30 Scrip.png Makes the affected gun firing unit's next shot cause self-inflicted damage. Will reflect the damage the unit would have done onto it, rather than having the unit attack itself: for example, an Old Codger targeting a Dirigible will always suicide.
40Scrip.png Damages all units within a certain radius. Damages all units in a one square radius of where the user decides to play it. Will damage the center target for 60, and the surrounding units for 30
50 Scrip.png Spawns an extra unit with the same health as the selected unit. The unit will not respawn when killed. The unit belongs to the same player as the selected unit. The new unit starts with the same number of ticks as the selected unit.
30 Scrip.png Repairs a unit to full health.

List of "uncommon" cards

These cards can be purchased in packs of three, but only with a requisite badge; they can be found in packs of 13 and 52 regardless.

Name Image Cost Requirements Effect
30 Scrip.png Sodbuster Places a barricade on the board that will block units for 6 ticks.
Stick Up!
Card-Drop Nugget.png
30 Scrip.png Claim Jumper Makes the affected unit drop any carried item.
Fool's Gold
Card-Fool's Gold.png
30 Scrip.png Grubstaker Places a nugget on the board that looks like real gold, but pops out of the claim and disappears when collected.
Giddy Up
Card-Giddy Up.png
60 Scrip.png Rustler Allows the affected unit to move again immediately.
Half Giddy Up
Card-Half Giddy Up.png
30 Scrip.png Nester Allows the affected unit to move again two ticks sooner.
Hollow Point
Card-Hollow Point.png
20 Scrip.png Bandido Gives the affected unit a 30% increase in attack strength until it dies. Will replace any other influence.
60 Scrip.png Brave The affected unit can move every 3 ticks instead of 4 until it dies. Will replace any other influence.
20 Scrip.png Collector Turns a bonus or trap on the board into a card that you can play during the game. Will not work on Bonus Point Stars. Can be used on card bonuses in a game to get a random card. Does not award the points for picking up a bonus.
50 Scrip.png Crossbrander Resets the movement counter for the affected unit.

List of all "rare" cards

These cards can only be purchased in assorted packs, found in matches, or created in matches by using Lasso on an equivalent bonus or trap.

Name Image Effect
High Noon
Card-High Noon.png
Temporarily turns up the heat and limits the movement of all units. The movement range for each unit is halved, rounded down. High Noon replaces all active Hindrance effects, and all affected units become immune to other Hindrances for its duration.
Iron Plate
Card-Iron Plate.png
Makes the affected unit invincible for 7 ticks. Will replace any other influence.
Gives the affected unit a +1 movement bonus until the unit dies. Will replace any other influence.
Places a hidden trap on the board that, when stepped on by a unit, bounces that unit to a random location. Deals 20 damage on landing.

Card packs

All cards except the rare ones can be purchased at the general store either in sets of three. Cards can also be bought in packs of thirteen and fifty-two that give a random selection of cards from Frontier Town, including the rare cards and cards that haven't been unlocked yet with badges.

Suit of Thirteen Fifty Two Pickup
Scrip.png 115 Scrip.png 460

Historical notes

  • The Trap, Stampede, Jack Rabbit, and Dust Devil cards were included in Frontier Town until release 2006-08-31, when those cards were relocated to other towns.
  • 5 pack card sets were sold in Frontier Town until 10/18/06's release
  • The Spring card used to bounce units back to the square they started from, as opposed to the current random location.
  • The Affliction Networks version of the game changed the price of the Card packs from 130 and 520 to its current price.

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