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Land Grab is one of the four gameplay scenarios in Frontier Town. The goal of this scenario is to control the majority of homesteads on the board. To claim an unclaimed homestead, one need only move their big shot to a space adjacent to the homestead. To claim an opponent's homestead, you must have your units deal 100 damage to it. The homestead will then revert to unclaimed status. One is unable to destroy and claim a homestead in one move; it takes at least one move to destroy it, and one to claim it.

Claimed homesteads will have the color of the player who claimed them in their status circle, while unclaimed homesteads are gray and aren't as tall as claimed homesteads. When a unit respawns, it respawns next to the player's most recently claimed homestead. When a player runs out of homesteads, their units will still respawn.


Each homestead under a player's control is worth 50 points. Also, every tick a player controls a homestead, that player gains one point. This is similar to how points work in Cattle Rustling. As in all scenarios, points can be earned by attacking enemy units or picking up bonuses.

Stealing your opponent's homestead is not completely necessary for victory. Simply destroying the homestead can suffice in the endgame. This is especially debilitating if your opponent's big shot has been defeated and is not currently on the board.

An unclaimed stead


A player should always focus their units on the opponents big shot. Big shots are the most important units in a Land Grab match; if a player can neutralize the enemy big shot, their opponent will be unable to claim homesteads. On the same note, a player should keep their big shot as safe as possible from opposing units.

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