It's Meat!

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  • Brand Points must be at least 100

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"Good heavens! I don't like the way those brutes are peering at me. We've got to stop this little thief yet again. Concentrate on branding cattle and watch out for all those axes!"

Bounty completion

"Good going! That saved those cows from a gristly end. Is it just me or do those soldiers look even meaner now...Maybe they are just hungry."

Bounty failure


Strategies and Guides

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  • Use the dirigible and the artillery to damage the dog soldiers so the Steam Gunman can finish them off without suffering proximity attacks
  • Take out the Trickster Raven so cattle you brand stay branded
  • Use the ramblin' on your Tactician so you can get to branding cattle ASAP

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