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The inventory is where all purchased items, along with acquired badges, are stored. The inventory can be accessed in a town or building by pressing any of the shortcut keys for the individual tabs. On the left side of the inventory window, a picture of the player's avatar is displayed, along with their name. Underneath this, the Check My Poster button can be seen. Underneath that is the player's total amount of scrip and gold coins on hand. In the bottom-right hand corner are three buttons. Quit allows you to stop playing Bang! Howdy and exit the game client. To Town brings you to the main town square. Resume exits the inventory screen and leaves you where you currently are. The inventory is divided into sub-categories, each with a different shortcut key: The items tab of the inventory The items tab of the inventory

Items (I key)

Big Shots (S key)

  • This displays the name and image of all the big shots owned.

Badges (B key)

  • This displays all of the badges acquired.

Duds (D key)

  • This displays all of the duds purchased.

Pardners (P key)

  • This displays all of the player's pardners. From here, the player can also add, remove and send messages to pardners.

Each of these sub-categories can also be accessed by clicking their corresponding tabs on the inventory screen.