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Homesteads are the central part of the Land Grab scenario. To claim a homestead, you must move your big shot to a square that is adjacent to an unclaimed homestead. Each homestead claimed will give the player 50 points plus 1 point every tick it is in his/her possession. A homestead in your possession will be taller and marked with your team color. A claimed homestead is reverted to unclaimed status after receiving 100 damage points, and the player holding it will lose the 50 points they received for controlling that homestead. This also allows this homestead to be recaptured by whoever can get their big shot adjacent to it first. See the damage chart to see how much damage each of the units in the game deals to a homestead.

Your units will respawn around your most recently claimed homestead. If you have no homesteads left, your units will spawn around your starting area.

Homesteads can be repaired by using cards like Repair and Half Repair and can be hurt and destroyed by using Missile cards.