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A Hindrance is an influence that has a negative effect on a unit. Hindrances can typically be applied to units by using a card on the unit.

List of Hindrances

  • Snake bite.png Snake Bite - Unit was bitten by a snake and will take damage at every tick for 8 ticks.
  • On fire.png On Fire - Unit is on fire and will take damage at every tick for four ticks.
    • On Fire is applied on a unit when when an opposing unit with the Firestarter influence attacks the unit.
  • Snare.png Snare - Unit is caught in a snare and can't move for eight ticks.
  • Peace pipe.pngPeace Pipe - Unit cannot attack until it is attacked or eight ticks have passed.
  • Misfire.pngMisfired - Unit shot a misfire.
  • Dud.png Dud - Unit shot a dud.
    • Dud and Misfire are considered hindrances because they are an ongoing influence, though invisible until the unit tries to fire.

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