Gunslinger 'Ggression

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  • Totem points must be at least 140

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"I ha'n't up 'n had a decent fight in a while, Snowcone. Ya've done and got me in a good mood. Let's us have a lit'le fun huh? Le's see yer Totem Buildin' chops here, Choppy."

Bounty completion

"Sheeoot! Ya done gone and beat me. I thunks I'd seen it all when I paid mah two-bits t' gone see that Bearded Lady with them two heads down in Tallahassee, but this takes the cow-pie. I hate t' put a spur into yer side, but next we meet Ya's gonna need a pine box there Tinder-foot."

Bounty failure

"Yikes! Those Gunslingers' return fire sure can smarts! Just remember, to get that many Totem Points, y'll have to get the most on a totem AND capture the most totems so spread the buildin' around."

Strategies and Guides

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by WiseFox (From WiseFox Compilation on B!H Forums)

It should be pretty standard totem building, here's what worked for me:

  • If you want to make the mission easier, reload the map until you have at least two large totems spawning.
  • I used the stampede and lighting cards right away on the gunslinger bunch and put the hollow point on my storm caller.
  • As tempting as it might be, don't just wipe all the gunslingers out in two moves. The last thing you want, is a bunch of full health, full-ticks gunslingers respawning together.
  • In the first half of the game, drop all your totems on the bottom pole, away from the enemy's respawning point. The enemy units will normally stay away from that pole and go for loose totem pieces instead.
  • Towards mid-game, you should have maneuvered some of your units towards the top pole. You can start dropping a totem or two on that pole now, but be ready to defend it: almost all respawning enemy units will try to attack that top pole if given the chance.
  • Once you reach the required number of totem points, focus all your units on defending the poles (and eventually picking up totems from killed enemy units).


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