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Gold Rush is one of the four scenarios native to Frontier Town. Gameplay in Gold Rush generally revolves around the retrieval and securing of gold nuggets, the scenario's objective items.

Retrieving nuggets

A cargo tank.

The main objective in Gold Rush is to retrieve gold nuggets, and return them to one's "tank", a permanent structure that functions simply to collect and secure nuggets (analogous to a claim in Claim Jumping). Tanks for each player have specific locations on every board, and a player's units usually, though not always, spawn around that location (near the tank).

At the beginning of every round of Gold Rush, nuggets appear at preset locations across the board. Players can retrieve an unclaimed nugget by moving one of their units onto the square the nugget occupies, and can subsequently secure nuggets they retrieve in their tank by moving the unit with the nugget onto a tile adjacent to the tank. Once a nugget is secured in a tank, it cannot be removed by any means. As the number of unsecured nuggets on the board diminishes (below a certain level), more nuggets appear at random locations across the board. Specifically, whenever the number of unsecured nuggets on the board is less than the number of players participating in the round, new nuggets begin to appear. Nuggets appear at a rate of only per tick; thus, for brief periods of time, the there may be fewer unsecured nuggets than players.

Nuggets secured in a player's tank award fifty points to that player.

Gold Rush vs. Claim Jumping

Gold Rush and Claim Jumping are the most similar of any two scenarios, in that they employ the same objective item and utilize the same system of point allocation. The two main differences between Gold Rush and Claim Jumping are the ability to steal nuggets in Claim Jumping, and the replenishing of nuggets in Gold Rush. The inability to steal nuggets in Gold Rush generally places a lower priority on defense than in Claim Jumping. Conversely, in Claim Jumping a slightly lower necessity exists for moving units quickly over long distances. Strategically, these points create great disparities in how gameplay progresses in Gold Rush and Claim Jumping.

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