Friendly Folks

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Friendly Folks are other players whom you feel would be enjoyable to play matches against in the future. The opposite of Friendly Folks are Unfriendly Folks. Unlike pardners, you do not have the instantaneous ability to see which of your Friendly Folks are currently online; however, like pardners, you can see when one of your Friendly Folks is in the Saloon with you.

Managing Friendly Folks

You can only assign Friendly Folk status to another player once you have played a match with them. When the match is finished, click the "Results" button under the initial scores to continue to the final awards screen. In the lower-right hand corner of each of your opponents portraits, there will be a round, red button with the letters "FF" on it. By clicking this button, you have the option of assigning that player Friendly, Unfriendly, or neutral status. Assigning Friendly Folk status to another player will cause the game to try and fit the two of you together in a game more often. Assigning Unfriendly status to a player will cause the game to try and avoid pairing the two of you up ever again. When playing against a Friendly Folk, you can reassign their status to either neutral or Unfriendly at the end of a game.