Fortress von Helmet

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Special rules: No unit respawn and you must survive

  • Units Killed must be exactly 10
  • Brand Points must be at least 150
  • Surviving Units must be at least 1

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"INCRRREDIBLE! How did you find my secret fortress?! OH - HEE HEE - I am afraid you vill pay MOST DEARLY for dees intrusion!"

Bounty completion

"MEIN GOTT IN HIMMEL! I don't beleef it! You vere zo VEEK and I vass zo POWERFULL! I am not laughing NOW! It doesn't matter though, I haff no doubt my mecha-minions vill release me IN NO TIME!"

Bounty failure

"HEE HEE, zee de little deputy RRRUN! Guards! Sieze de bounty hunter or our secret location vill be revealed!"

Strategies and Guides

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by Semper__ & The_Conster (From WiseFox compilation on old B!H Forums)

a. Beat Helmut's Fortress (last HVH level) by splitting your forces. Spawns matter a lot less, but as long as your artillery is able to hit another artillery, and his tactician DOES NOT go to the right side, you're fine. Split your units so a dirigible goes to engage the enemy dirigibles. The rest of your units, minus the steamgunman and cavalry, need to go right with him. Basically, rape everything in sight, take cattle asap, and worry only about the cattle on the right side. (You only need the right side.) Don't let the cavalry get taken down, try to keep the cattle south with your dirigible (while attacking theirs'). As long as you know the basic strategy, you should be fine. It you should still take several tries (look for rounded up cattle boards, to save turns. You'll be scraping till' the end for brand points).

b. I won with only 155 cattle points, and that was by rushing with my Cavalry (using all units to wipe out the Artilleries, and then splitting them up), and having him brand the 4 cattle directly available on the right (the side with the dirigibles), and then the 4 directly on the left (with the Steam Gunmen).

c. I've tried that (b.), and ended up a lot more strapped for time (drigibles can be cut lose and run, making it impossible to kill all of the units), but the branding of the two larger herds of cattle makes more sense to me now =p. Probably several more ways to beat Fortress, but my statement on not needing the right side was based upon being able to take the other cattle (on the entire left side, killing dirigbles in the process). Eh, both work.


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