Forest Guardians

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Forest Guardians
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Forest Guardians is one of the four gameplay scenarios in Indian Trading Post. This is a cooperative scenario: the objective being to grow trees, and to protect said trees from the Logging and Locust robots. In ranked games, players always start with two units, plus their big shot, regardless of the number of players. In a custom game it is possible to set the options to one unit, but if set to higher than two it will only allow the selection of two units when the game starts.

A round of Forest Guardians is divided into "waves", where each wave has its own placement of tree beds and difficulty level of robots. A wave ends after all trees reach Elder stage or are cut down (see below), and all robots are killed. Robots continue to spawn until the conclusion of a wave, and can thus perpetuate a wave indefinately if players are not fast enough in killing them.


Trees are one tile in size, impassable even by air units, and randomly spawn around the board with each wave. They are grown when units stand next to them; each unit gives 7 health points to the tree per tick.

Trees start out as juvenile Tree Beds, and as they gain health they progress gradually into Sapling, Mature, and Elder stages. They can only reach Elder stage with a full 100 health points. Logger and Locust robots damage these trees, and if a tree reaches 0 health points, it will become an ungrowable stump. A tree will never go down a growth stage, even if it falls below the amount of health that was required to go up to the current stage. Tree Beds cannot be damaged.


There are four types of robots in Forest Guardians: the Logging and Locust Robots, and their more powerful versions, the Super Logging and Super Locust Robots. All robots are of the steam make; the Logging Robots are ranged mode, the Locust Robots are ground mode.

In addition to a normal, ranged attack, Logging Robots do damage to non-flying units around them every tick, similar to the Dog Soldier's power. It does 5 damage to units and 13 damage to trees. Super logging robots do 7 damage to units and 19 to trees. The ranged attack of the Logging robot is deflected by the Tactician, similar to the shells that artillery fires, and do significantly more damage to flying and human units. Locust Robots are able to move over terrain, like the Trickster Raven.

The super versions deal much more damage and take 20 less damage from each attack, and in the case of the Super Logging Robot, move and shoot farther.

Robot Move Range Base damage
Logging 3 3 35
Locust 5 1 45
Super Logging 4 5 50
Super Locust 5 1 70

The robots are included on the Damage chart, check it out to see how other units fair against FG robots.


Article back.png Main article: Fetish

At the start of the round, one of each of four types of fetishes are placed on the board. These, when picked up and carried, provide bonuses to the units, such as doubling the amount of health a unit gives trees, or doubling the damage the unit does.

Frog icon.pngFrog - doubles the growing power of a unit, and of other units growing the same tree as the carrier.

Bear icon.pngBear - doubles the attack power of a unit.

Turtle icon.pngTurtle - doubles the defense of a unit.

Fox icon.pngFox - renders a unit "invisible" to robots. Robots will never attack a unit carrying the Fox Fetish, but a Logging Robot's proximity attack will still cause full damage if the two units come into contact.

Difficulty Levels

Every wave in Forest Guardians has a difficulty level, which is based on the combined rank of those playing in the round (higher ranking Forest Guardian players begin games at a higher difficulty level, and vise-versa). Difficulty levels are denoted by a number of "saws", which are shown as saw blades at the beginning of each wave. Players, depending on their rank, can begin a game at a difficulty level of anywhere from one to five saws, and every successive wave increases in difficulty by one saw. The greater the number of saws of a wave, the more trees and robots will appear, and the more likely that super robots, as opposed to normal robots, will appear. Additionally, for every successful completion of a wave, players receive an additional scrip bonus at the conclusion of a match equal to the saw level of the wave.

End of Game Ranking

Players are rated on a scale of 0-10 leaves based on their team performance and difficulty level.

Fg full.png

Minimum Leaf Rating Rating Icon
Zero Fg4.png
Two Fg3.png
Four Fg2.png
Six Fg1.png
Eight-Ten Fg0.png


It is generally accepted among top FG players that the most useful units for Forest Guardians are the Tactician, Artillery and Thunderbird. To complement these, Lucky Horseshoe, Hustle and Repair cards work well. Thunderbirds usually focus on growing trees and obtaining the frog or turtle fetish. Tacticians often are used in combination with the bear fetish and a Hustle card, or, if not in possession of the bear fetish, a lucky horseshoe card. Remaining horseshoe cards and, if close by, the fox fetish, are typically given to artillery.

The tactician is immune to the deadly saw blades of the logging robots and his presence greatly increases the survivability of the other units by absorbing attacks that would normally kill them. If a tactician with a bear fetish is injured to where he can no longer kill robots with a single attack, it is in players' interests to try and heal him. Flying units can avoid the proximity attack of the logging robots and aren't inhibited by the massive amounts of wreckage that build up around the board, thus giving them an advantage in growing and healing trees. Fast ground units are almost never able to make use of their full movement usually because of unstable terrain, so large range units like artillery tend to be more effective alternatives.

Forest Hardcore

Forest Hardcore is available as an unranked table scenario featuring a modified Forest Guardians scenario. The difference is you cannot use cards at the beginning and the scenario starts at a much harder difficulty than that of regular Forest Guardians. The only way to use cards is to pick them up on the existing scenario's board. The game does not end until all trees have been logged by the Logging and Locust Robots. Each wave will increase the difficulty of the previous wave, thus getting harder as time goes on. Any playing player in Forest Guardians Hardcore can also end the game at anytime by typing !end in chat.

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