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A Tactician picks up the Bear fetish while the remaining three lay nearby.

Fetishes are special match items available only in Forest Guardians matches. There are four different fetishes; all four are placed on the board at the start of each match. A unit can only carry one fetish at a time, and will drop a carried fetish on death, or on the pickup of a different fetish. Fetishes stack with influences.

Frog Frog icon.png

The Frog Fetish will double the growing power of a unit, and of other units growing the same tree as the carrier. Affected units grow a tree 14 points each, making it possible to get 56 points of growth in one tick if there are four units standing next to the tree. The Frog Fetish is often used with the Thunderbird, Steam Gunman, or Buffalo Rider: The more mobile the unit, the faster it can move around, growing trees.

Bear Bear icon.png

The Bear Fetish doubles the attack power of a unit. This allows most big shots to kill robots in one or two moves. In particular, the Tactician, when at full health, becomes able to kill all of the robots in one shot, except for the Super Locust Robot.

Turtle Turtle icon.png

The Turtle Fetish doubles the defense of a unit. As this only protects against robots' direct attacks, and not the Logging Robot's proximity attack, the Turtle Fetish is best used on units that are otherwise vulnerable to ranged attacks, such as the Dog Soldier or Dream Catcher.

Fox Fox icon.png

The Fox Fetish renders a unit invisible to robots. Robots will never attack a unit carrying the Fox Fetish, but a Logging Robot's proximity attack will still cause full damage if the two units come into contact. A unit carrying the Fox Fetish is not damaged by projectiles bounced off of the Tactician's umbrella. The Fox Fetish will help any unit, but big shots benefit the most, because they are the most likely to ordinarily be targeted. The unit that receives the least benefit from the Fox Fetish is the Tactician, as his umbrella already protects him from the Logging Robot's projectile attack; however, he is normally vulnerable to the Locust Robot's direct attacks, so still stands to gain a slight benefit. The fox fetish is best used on flying units like the Thunderbird as this will make it completely invulnerable.

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