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Duds are clothing articles which can be used to modify a player's avatar. Duds can be obtained in several ways: By purchase at the general store, by being in a gang which has rented duds for its members, or by completing certain bounties. All duds a player has access to can be applied at the barber shop via the "Clothes" tab.


Duds that are bought or rented often have one or more options for color variation, which are configured before an article is paid for. Like hair and eye colors, some dud colors are universally available, and others must be unlocked by earning certain badges. Unlockable dud colors and their corresponding badges are as follows:

Color Badge
Black Rampaging Bull
Leather Card Player
Orange Cardsharp
Pink Shifty
Violet Chap Collector

Big shot duds

Duds sported by Big shots can be unlocked, and subsequently purchased at the general store, if a player earns certain requisite badges. Every set of big shot duds has two such required badges, one of which is always assosiated big shot usage badge (Curmudgeon for Old Codger duds, Voltaic for Storm Caller duds, etc.). Other requisite badges are always scenerio-related, and originate from the same town as the big shot for which they unlock duds. Non-usage raquisite badges are as follows:

Big shot Non-usage requisite badge
Cavalry Ring Toter
Old Codger Twister
Revolutionary Heart of Ice
Storm Caller Potlatch Chief
Tactition Gold Digger
Trickster Raven Avenging Spirit

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