Divide and Conquer

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  • Totem Points must be at least 170
  • Damage Dealt must be at least 1200

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"We've almost got the slippery little rascal -- this is it! We need to rack up these totem points, but also dish out a healthy helping of damage to put Wild Child out of commision for good."

Bounty completion

"Eeep! No... Give us FREEEE!"

Bounty failure

"Remember that to maximize your Totem Pole Points you have to strike a good balance between having at least one totem on every pole and having the most totems on some poles. Now Get back in there!"

Strategies and Guides

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  • The Dirgible's immunity to the attacks of all enemies but the Revolutionary and Thunderbird allows it to easily maneuver accross the board and ensure pieces are placed on all Totem Bases, and thereby significantly contribute toward Totem points.

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