Dirigible Doomsday

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Special rules: No unit respawn and you must survive

  • Nuggets Claimed must be at least 7
  • Units Killed must be exactly 9

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"Suprise suprise, my goot deputy! NOW iz de time I RRREALLY show you de POWER uff SCHTEEL und SCHTRATEGY! Come Brunhilda, RELEASE MEIN ZEPPELINS!!!"

Bounty completion

"How iss dees POSSIBLE?! I vass not toying vith you dees time! YOU VILL PAY FOR DEES, BOUNTY HUNTER"

Bounty failure

"My superior INTELLECT und superior FIGHTING FORCE made your defeat INEVITABLE! HEE HEE! I let you live zo you can tell all de people uff MY GLORY!"

Strategies and Guides

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Strategy 1

By: collapsing from B!H Forums

Reload the map until both of your Steam Gunmen are able to grab both gold nuggets on each side of you. To make sure that they make it back to your claim, use the cards given to you. For the left nugget, use the Giddy Up card, otherwise the enemy's dirigibles will destroy him; for the other, use the Barricade card on the space to his right (since it's the only applicable spot of the two spaces he'll be attacked from). As the Steam Gunmen rush for the gold and bring it back to safety, send your Sharpshooter and Gunslinger towards the Orange claim (on the right) making sure to take out the first orange Dirigible (the one that was able to attack the Steam Gunman) and then stay clear from fire until they are able to grab gold from the claim. Once they reach the mine split the units up!!! Get the unit closer to the bottom and with more health back to your own claim and have the other unit act as bait on the upper side and continue running this way to draw away enemy units (the remaining four dirigibles you can't kill). Now as you are doing this, send the Shotgunner and Old Codger up the left side, killing everything as efficiently (this is the much closer red side so killing them all is good) as possible and stealing the gold once you finish. Now if you did all this, you should have the required 7 nuggets and almost all of the 9 units killed save one or so, so just make sure to use the Steam Gunmen to help kill of the last of the allowed units.


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