Deadly Crossing (Gaunt Bukwas)

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  • Units Killed must be at least 12

Special rules: No unit respawn and you must survive.

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"Now you will find your maker. You'll never cross this gorge. Never."

Bounty completion

"Great going! That was indeed a deadly crossing. But don't rest just yet, we've still got to nab him."

Bounty failure

"The world of the City Man is doomed to be crushed under the brutal advancement of Nature!"

Strategies and Guides

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Board: The Great Gorge

Strategy 1

By: A Howdypedia contributor

  1. Move your Trickster Raven toward the center of the board right away, while your other units attack and wipe out Crying Crow's units. It's not uncommon that you may have to sacrifice your Trickster Raven to switch the runes so that your other units can survive. Your other units do not have enough movement or turns to make it all the way to the center before the first Wendigo comes. They MUST have the nearby round runes to stand on. Otherwise, the scenario is effectively over with the first Wendigo.
  2. Often, Bleeding Dog's Thunderbird will switch the runes so that the round runes are lit up. If that indeed happens, you must have your Trickster Raven ready to kill that Thunderbird when it comes toward the round runes so that it doesn't go back and switch the runes back again. The Staredown card on that Thunderbird will prevent it from moving after your initial attack on it, so that your Trickster Raven can finish it off, and assure your troops have the round runes lit to stand on in order to survive the first Wendigo.
  3. All you can do between the first and second Wendigo is move your surviving troops to the center square runes and hit the switch to make them active, then get ready to make a charge on all the remaining units on the other side.
  4. It does count as completing the scenario in your favor if you wipe out the last enemy unit with your kill count meeting at least the required 12, even if you have one tick left before the Wendigo would come, and none of your units are positioned to survive the Wendigo coming through.

by WiseFox (Compiled by WiseFox on the old B!H Forums)

The general idea for this mission is: 1. Maximize your kills before the first flying weasel attack. 2. Run for the middle before the second attack. 3. Get your remaining kills before the final attack.

Act 1:

  • As tempting as it may be, don't jack-rabbit to the talisman right away: as long as it's loose, it will attract part of the enemy units and allow you to get a few easy kills while advancing your units towards the tiles.
  • Rush your trickster raven towards the middle: you want to kill the light-blue Thunderbird before he has an opportunity to switch the tiles.
  • If you have to chose, focus on killing enemy units outside of the safety zone: a unit killed by the Wendigo is a lost kill.
  • If you don't have at least 7 kills and 4 remaining units after the first attack, I would suggest you restart the mission.

Act 2:

  • Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. For the middle, not in circles.

Act 3:

  • You need to press forward, you don't have the luxury of spare time here. This is the best moment to use your cards eg the jack-rabbit card can be very effective if used on a dog soldier.
  • If you have lost the talisman meanwhile, don't forget to put at least one unit on a safe tile before the final attack.

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