Crackshot Maude

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Crackshot Maude
Most Wanted bounty
Outlaw-Crackshot Maude.png
Frontier Town-Gold Star.png
Gold Star
Scrip.png 2250+

Background Information

Crackshot Maude and her band of sharpshooters have been terrorizing the cowpokes and going on a crime spree. Can you bring this outlaw in and keep yer head at the same time? Keep yer eyes peeled for long range fire!


Keep 'Em (1v2 Claim Jumping)

  • Nuggets Claimed must be at least 3

High Shooters (2-player Claim Jumping)

  • Nuggets Claimed must be at least 5
  • Units Killed must be at least 12

Death Gully (1v3 Gold Rush)

  • Nuggets Claimed must be at least 2

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Keep 'Em High Shooters Death Gully
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