Cracked Open

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  • Homesteads Claimed must be at least 4

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"I see you've got what's rightfully mine. Now give."

Bounty completion

"Ya got a lotta nerve standin' in my way."

Bounty failure

"Now clear outta my sight."

Strategies and Guides

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by Leafsnail (From WiseFox compilation on old B!H Forums)

  • Keep your Tactician close to the enemy artillery - it's withering to any other unit
  • Play a game with your steam gunman - use it to block up a passage sending the bots the other way, then block that way!
  • Make sure you use the timer trap to deal double damage to shotgunners before they hit you
  • Use the other units as shields to ward off shotgunners, and remember the Tactician has a fairly powerful attack if the need arises.
  • Near the end, when your opponent threatens to send a homestead down, make sure your Tactician is near enough by to give the artillery a target, but not near enough to become shotgun fodder. Block up the tiles next to the threatened Homestead, use your steam gun man to generally get in the way and make sure the Old Codger goes to ground before he starts trashing the stead.


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