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  • Small totem points must be at least 1
  • Medium totem points must be at least 1
  • Large totem points must be at least 1
  • Crown totem points must be at least 1

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"Now let's see what you're really made of. If you can collect one of each Small Totem, Medium Totem, and Crown Totem, I'll agree to the final challenge -- duel to the death!"

Bounty completion


Bounty failure

"To think I got my hopes up that you were actually a challenger!"

Strategies and Guides

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by WiseFox and Leafsnail

a) This is a very hard bounty, owing to the fact that there are too many totem pieces at the farthest area. This means that the enemy pieces will keep picking up and dropping the pieces without even placing any. They also shoot up your units on the first move and when they pick up totems. The iron plate card is perfect for when you get up there, thunderbird is the best bet. If you can get even one piece on the totem, the 50-point bonus will certainly help. Use the artillery and the trickster raven to knock off enemy totem pieces from the bases. And watch out for the sharpshooter!

b)The first few times I tried this bounty, I had trouble with my totem pieces getting taken down (at the worst possible time). When it worked, I basically had: 1. The birdies doing most of the totem building. 2. The buffalo and artillery camping at the totems. 3. The dream catcher camping at the left teleport point. Save the jackrabbit and iron plate cards for one of the birdies when the crown spawns. With the buffalo and artillery, you will mostly weaken enemy units coming through the teleport points, act as a shield for your totem pieces, or just get out of the way if there is a poor little shotgunner who just wants to put his totem piece on top of yours (and basically lock them in). The dream catcher will push units back and, if placed at the 1-square passage next to the teleport point, make the enemy's AI think they need to go around to get to the teleport point. This tends to make the stream of enemies manageable, despite playing 1v3.


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