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Claim Jumping is one of the four scenarios native to Frontier Town. Gameplay in Claim Jumping generally revolves around acquiring and maintaining control of gold nuggets, the scenario’s objective items.

Claiming nuggets

A claim.

The main objective in Claim Jumping is to capture nuggets and return them to one's "claim", a structure which has the sole function of housing nuggets. At the start of a round, each player begins with two nuggets in their claim. Additionally, there is initially one unclaimed nugget at a specified (non-random) location on the board for each player participating in the match. Units can pick up an unclaimed nugget by moving onto the square the nugget occupies, and can deposit nuggets in their own claim by moving onto a tile adjacent to the claim. Nuggets can also be removed (or “stolen”) from a player's claim if an enemy unit moves onto a square adjacent to the claim (that unit then acquires the nugget).

Each nugget in a player's claim awards fifty points to that player. If a nugget is stolen, the fifty points received for having claimed it are deducted. As with other items, picking up an unclaimed nugget awards five bonus points; however, stealing nuggets does not award any similar points. Despite this, stealing nuggets from enemy claims and putting them in your own is the main way to get a high score total.


At the end of a round, it is often worth it for a player to try and take a nugget out of an opponent's claim, even if that player can't follow up by taking the nugget back to their own claim, because the opponent may not have time to pick it up and put it back. Other times, it is more important for a player to prevent their opponent from doing the same.

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