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Tactician unit holding the Bear fetish in Forest Guardians

Carried items are items in a scenario that can be carried by units. They might be central to the scenario, like gold nuggets or have helpful effects for the unit holding them, like fetishes. There are ten different kinds of carried items.

Frontier Town Carried Items

In Frontier Town, there is one type of carried item: the gold nugget. It is used in Claim Jumping and Gold Rush, and is the core objective of those scenarios.

Indian Trading Post Carried Items

In Indian Trading Post, there are nine types of carried items, four of which are in Forest Guardians, four in Totem Building, and one in Wendigo Attack. In Forest Guardians, there are four fetishes, which convey helpful effects on units that hold them. In Totem Building, there are the four varying sizes of totem pieces, which are central to the scenario. In Wendigo Attack, there is the Sacred Talisman, which provides a unit with immunity to Wendigo attacks.

Badges Involving Carried Items

Some badges involve carried items with their requirements. These badges are as follows:

  • Grubstaker
  • Claim Jumper
  • Gold Digger
  • Mother Lode
  • Gold Fever
  • Totem Artist
  • Totem Master
  • Potlach Chief
  • Orca Hunter
  • Thunderbird Tamer
  • Wendigo's Bane