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For cards as bonuses which can be picked up in a game, see Bonus#Card

A card is an object in game which grants the user a temporary power. A player can hold three cards at a time during a game. They can either be bought in the general store, then brought and used into a game, or can be picked up off the board, similar to bonuses and influences. To play a card, select the card you wish to use from the panel near your name, then select the unit or square you wish to use the card on. If the card will have no effect if you play it at the location you select, the card is deselected, and you are given the message: "Your card had no effect and was not played."

At the beginning of the game, at the same time you choose your big shot, you get to choose up to three cards to bring with you into the game. Cards that you bring in this way that you do not use in the round will stay with you afterwards, but cards you pick up during the game and don't use will disappear after the game is over.

There are hotkeys for each of the card slots; 1 corresponds to the first slot, 2 to the second, and 3 to the third.